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Floor Plate Design


745 Thurlow is 24 storeys above grade, with 23 floors of leasable space totalling approximately 400,000 rentable square feet.

The first floor is retail and amenity space with the remaining 23 floors used for office space totalling up to approximately 365,000 rentable square feet.

Typical Floor Plate

Due to the architectural design of the building, the office floor plates increase in size as you move up the building from approximately 15,500 to 17,500 rentable square in the low-rise (4th through 14th floors), to approximately 17,800 to 21,000 rentable square feet in the high-rise (15th through 24th floors). The high-rise floor plate gets significantly larger starting on the 16th floor as the low-rise elevator shafts no longer penetrate through the upper floors of the building.

This has proven to be an ideal size range to accommodate the variety of tenants in the downtown Vancouver office market.

Perimeter Columns

The interior of the office floor plates are generally column free, with virtually all structural columns on the perimeter curtain wall.

Core-to Curtain Wall Depth

The core to curtain wall depth is from approximately 40 feet in the low-rise and approximately 45 feet in the high-rise, and window mullions are spaced on a five foot ceiling grid, to maximize the flexibility and efficiency of interior and exterior office and/or open plan layouts.

Ceiling Grid and Window Mullions

The T-bar ceiling grid and window mullions are spaced on a five foot module, which is ideal for efficient perimeter offices and meeting rooms.

Balanced Central Core Design

The building core is centrally located with roughly equal core-to-curtain wall depth on all four sides. This provides consistent space for leasehold improvements around the entire floor plate.

Internal Stairwell Connections

Punch-out floor panels are pre-designed into the concrete floor system to enable internal stairwell connections for multi-floor tenants. The punch-out panels are located adjacent to the elevator lobby.

T-Bar Ceiling Height

All office areas have a suspended T-bar ceiling at a clear height of 8 feet 11 inches above the concrete floor.

Floor Loading Capacity

Typical floor loading capacity is 50 pounds per square foot live load with 20 pounds per square foot partition load. Certain areas adjacent to the central core structure of the building are designed to support a higher live load capacity for uses such as tenant filing, storage and UPS facilities.