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Building Systems/Technology

When it comes to building systems, 745 Thurlow will pave the way for the future.

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Communication and Data

Tenant Choice

To ensure tenants have a competitive choice no service providers will be granted exclusivity at 745 Thurlow.

Building Infrastructure

A large point of presence (POP) space will be provided within the underground parkade to provide ample room for multiple service providers. The POP space will be connected to a telecommunications riser system by a generous quantity of 4” conduits. The telecommunications riser will be connected vertically through the telecommunication room on each floor of the building.

Cable Distribution System (CDS)

The landlord is considering installing a CDS throughout the vertical risers, which would be leased to various service providers.

Third Party Management

To ensure the integrity of the system is maintained over time, the telecommunications system will be managed on behalf of the landlord by a third party, that specializes in telecommunications infrastructure.


Main Electrical Service

The main electrical service to the building will be a 12.5 kilovolt “high voltage” enhanced dual radial service to be provided by BC Hydro.

Secondary Distribution

There will be two main transformers within the underground parkade. Power will be distributed from the main transformers to the electrical room on each floor at 347/600 volt – 3 phase – 4 wire via a plug-in bus duct riser running up the building core.

Plug-In Bus Duct

The bus duct will be a totally enclosed type. There will be three plug-in ports per floor. The bus duct is sized based on fluorescent lighting at 1.0 watt per square foot and tenant plug-in power at 5.0 watts per square foot.

Plug-In Power

Each floor will have two 75 KVA harmonic mitigating transformers plus two empty 84 circuit power panels provided for tenant power. Wiring for branch circuits and breakers will be done by the tenant.

Lighting Power

Each floor will have a 120 volt panel fed from one of the floor transformers powering the LED light fixtures directly.

Building Emergency Power and Systems

An emergency generator will be located on the main floor of the building. In addition to required central systems and components and elevators, the generator will service emergency lighting, exit signage and the fire alarm system.

Tenant Back Up Generator

A separate 500 KW back up generator will also be provided for use by tenants for critical items such as servers and telephone switches. Access to this system will be provided at the tenant’s option at an additional cost.

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

If required, UPS will be provided by the tenant at its expense.

Separate Metering

Separate metering may be required for tenants that exceed average building electrical loads.


Passenger Elevators

745 Thurlow will have eight passenger elevators - 4 servicing each of the low-rise and high-rise of the building.

Parking Elevators

There will be two parking elevators providing service from all six levels of the underground parkade to the main floor lobby of the building.

Freight and Retail Service Elevators

There will be one dedicated freight elevator providing service from all six levels of the underground parkade to the 24th floor of the building.

There will be one retail service elevator providing service from the loading dock facilities to the 2nd and 3rd floor retail areas.


There will be a two level escalator system on the west side of the building providing service from Alberni Street to the 2nd and 3rd floor retail areas.


System Type

745 Thurlow will have a constant volume, four pipe fan coil system.

System Overview

Each fan coil unit has a heating coil, chilled water coil, zone temperature sensor and an acoustically lined return air elbow with a filter section. Outdoor air is ducted directly to each fan coil unit, and conditioned air is ducted from the fan coil unit through the ceiling space and terminated with square diffusers. Return air is collected through egg-crate panels in the ceiling. While the system is operating, there will be a constant volume of ventilated air circulating through the premises.


Thermostatic control zones will be provided at a maximum of 1 per 750 square feet for interior zones and 1 per 600 square feet for perimeter zones. A direct digital control (DDC) system will be provided to control the overall system and each control zone, including temperatures within individual zones, setback temperatures and operation during extended hours. Individual zones can be adjusted by adding and/or relocating fan coil units.

Basic Cooling

The HVAC system is sized to accommodate the following loads:

  1. 135 square feet per person
  2. 1.0 watt per square foot for lighting
  3. 2.0 watts per square foot for heat from tenant plug power
  4. 25 cfm per person of outdoor air, which is 25% greater than ASHRAE code requirements

Other Features

A general exhaust will be provided at the building core to allow tenants to exhaust lunchrooms and meeting rooms. A washroom exhaust (200 cfm) duct cap off will be provided at the building core for additional tenant washrooms at two locations per floor.

Hours of Operation

The base building HVAC system will operate between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm on Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays, and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays. Additional hours of operation will be available at prevailing rates.

Auxiliary Cooling

For additional cooling required on a 24/7 basis, the landlord will provide limited access to a piping system that connects to a roof mounted fluid cooler. Pumps will circulate condenser water through the piping system for heat rejection at the roof. The pumps and the cooler will be connected to the tenant back up generator in the event of a main power failure. One pair of valved 2.5” condenser water connections will be available at the building core. Access to this system will be provided at the tenant’s option at an additional cost, while available.


Building Standard Lighting Fixtures

The building standard LED light fixture will be a recessed 20" x 48" fixture addressable electronic driver and high efficiency acrylic lenses. There will be one fixture for every 10' x 10' ceiling grid module to provide an average of 40 foot candles at the desktop. Lighting will be provided in (multi-tenant floor) elevator lobbies.

Lighting Controls

The LED lighting will be controlled by smart addressable control system. Each light fixture will have its own address on the control loop and can easily be grouped into different zones. the lighting control system will be automated with the following features:

  1. Day lighting controls
  2. Zoned or individual switched luminaires
  3. Capability of occupancy sensors
  4. Dimmable addressable LED driver
  5. Photoelectric cells

A temporary master switch will be located in the elevator lobby. A lighting control panel will be located in the electrical room on each floor. All light fixture will be connected via the floor smart addressable control system to a central lighting controller located in the building management office, allowing time and central control of all LED light fixtures.

Life Safety

Automatic Fire Protection System

All tenant areas will be served by an automatic fire protection system in accordance with NFPA 1998.

Smoke Evacuation

A smoke evacuation system will be provided on each floor. This system will be connected to the fire alarm system and controlled at the central fire alarm panel.

Seismic Capacity

745 Thurlow is designed in accordance with applicable National Building Code and City of Vancouver seismic codes.

Emergency Preparedness/Response Plan

745 Thurlow will have a comprehensive emergency preparedness/response plan in place to address events such as fire emergencies and evacuation, earthquake, bomb threat or suspicious packages, hazardous materials and pandemic planning. Emergency training will be conducted annually with each tenant through its designated emergency warden.


Access Control System

The main floor perimeter will be secured by a security card access system, consisting of card readers, electric strikes, magnetic locks and/or door contacts. All passenger and service elevators will be serviced by card readers during non-building standard hours of operation. Lock sets and a provision for electronic card readers and electric door latches will be provided at all stairwell doors.

Underground Parkade

The underground parkade will be monitored by random mounted bicycle security patrols during regular business hours. An after-hours security escort service will be available to tenants upon request. All floors of the underground parkade will be equipped with emergency telephone stations to provide immediate access to security personnel.