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Sustainable Leed Gold Design

745 Thurlow is designed to achieve LEED Core and Shell Gold certification – among the first office buildings to do so in Downtown Vancouver.

Sustainable features incorporated into the design of 745 Thurlow include the following:

  • Large, efficient, simple floor plates for easy tenant interior design to save space
  • Triple glazed windows with advanced coating to reduce energy use
  • Safe, proven, advanced mechanical system delivering constant volume air flow, sensitive to building occupant needs, and offer maximum flexibility and controllability of a tenant's internal environment
  • Smart lighting systems that harvest daylight and "senses" occupant needs
  • Tenant back-up generator for data back-up security
  • Utilization of green roofs on the 3rd floor terrace and top levels of the building for water harvesting and re-use strategies will be employed to reduce water consumption
  • Local materials will be used as much as possible and materials from the existing parkade structure will be re-used in the new construction
  • Comprehensive waste management program, including recycling programs for paper, metal, plastic, glass, light bulbs, electrical components and tenant composting
  • Engaging the tenants in sustainable practices through the creation of “Forever Green Tenant Teams” – tenant committees established to collaborate on identifying opportunities and developing strategies, initiatives and programs aimed at improving the environmental performance of the building
  • A Sustainable LEED Gold Design will provide numerous long term benefits to tenants, including providing a healthier work environment and reducing energy use.
  • Providing a healthier work environment for tenants will reduce sick days and increase employee productivity in the workplace
  • Reducing energy use will lower tenant operating expenses