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Architectural Design

Designed by Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership, 745 Thurlow will have a unique look and feel from any other office building in the downtown Vancouver core.

The Look

A dramatic shift from conventional office building design. The outside curtain wall, which will be predominantly transparent glass with aluminum mullions and spandrels, is different on two sides of the building. The north and west facades of the building are more traditional in shape rising vertically from the main floor level of the building, with the south and east facades of the building rising at an outward angle from the 3rd floor level of the building. This gives the impression of two distinct building designs depending on what direction the building is viewed from.

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745 Thurlow

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The Feel

The architectural focus of the building represents a more progressive approach to traditional office building design, with a subtle shift towards the new lifestyle elements seen in many of the new residential and hotel developments in downtown Vancouver. This design philosophy is carried beyond the unique exterior of the building and into the main floor lobby, elevator cab and building standard washroom finishes.

745 Thurlow

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Main Lobby Entrance

The main entrance to the building will be at the corner of Thurlow and Alberni Streets through a recessed plaza area covered by a glass canopy cantilevered at an upward angle from the exterior of the building. The glass canopy and the lobby itself will also extend along the Thurlow and Alberni Street frontages to provide further protection from the elements. The height of the glass canopy will range from the 2nd to 3rd floor level of the building, allowing generous natural light to come into the main lobby and adjacent ground level retail spaces. The ceiling height in the main lobby itself will range from two to three storeys.

Main Lobby

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Green Roof Spaces

The building will have two green roof spaces – a 3rd floor terrace extending around the west, south and east sides of the building accessible to the office and/or retail/restaurant tenants on the 3rd floor, and a roof top tenant amenity area accessible to all tenants in the building, including an outdoor patio with seating, lounge and entertainment areas and a casual gathering area with a gas fire pit and barbeque.

Green Roof

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